Tips to Stay Safe and Cybersmart Part 4

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Searching, tweeting, emailing, texting, and lots of other things online are great fun and helpful. However, there is potential for some situations to become dangerous or illegal. Ignoring these situations usually make them worse. CyberSmart, a website from Australia, recently published a wonderful series of articles about protecting yourself and others on the internet. The fourth in this series is about playing online games.

If you missed last week’s post about dealing with offensive or illegal content online, click here. Also, check back next week to learn more about your “digital footprint.”

Playing online Games

Playing games online and using consoles or games on a computer can be great fun, but you need to be careful about how much you play and who you play with. Sometimes, if you are using a console, you can play games online with other people instead of going into game sites. It is important that if you chat with other gamers you protect your privacy and don’t share personal or private information. If you are unsure whether a game is suitable, ask your parents or a trusted adult to check its classification and reviews for you


  • If another player is behaving badly or making you uncomfortable, block them from your players list. You may also be able to report them to the game site operator.
  • Limit your game play time so you can still do other things like homework, jobs around the house and hanging out with your friends.
  • Keep personal details private.
  • Remember to make time offline for your friends, your favorite sports and other activities.
  • Some websites will ask you to pay money to play a game. Make sure you talk to your parents about this and they agree to make the payment.
  • Remember that some websites are designed to make money for the company providing the service—not the player of the game. Make sure you understand the terms of the game before making any payment.

[Via Cybersmart]

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