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Tips to Stay Safe and Cybersmart Part 3

September 17th, 2012 by

Searching, tweeting, emailing, texting, and lots of other things online are great fun and helpful. However, there is potential for some situations to become dangerous or illegal. Ignoring these situations usually make them worse. CyberSmart, a website from Australia, recently published a wonderful series of articles about protecting yourself and others on the internet. The third in this series is about dealing with offensive or illegal content online.

If you missed last week’s post about Unwanted contact, click here. Also, check back next week to learn more about playing online games.

Offensive or Illegal Content

When you’re surfing the web you may come across websites, photos, text or other material that makes you feel uncomfortable or upset. There are some easy ways to handle these situations.


  • Tell your parents or another trusted adult if you come across material that upsets you.
  • Know how to ‘escape’ from a website if an internet search takes you to an unpleasant or nasty website. Hit control-alt-delete if the site will not allow you to exit.
  • If a website looks suspicious or has a warning page for people under 18 years, leave immediately. Some sites are not meant for kids.
  • Check with your parents that your search engine is set to block material that is meant for adults.
  • Ask your parents to install internet filter software to block bad sites.
  • Ask your parents to help you find safe and fun sites to use and bookmark for later.

[Via Cybersmart]